What’s More Important? The Words You Use or Your Tone of Voice?

images (27)“Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning.” Maya Angelou

Words or tone of voice, which is more important?  Most speakers are very concerned about the words they use and getting the words right.  Too often they become consumed with ‘what they want to say’ rather than ‘HOW’ they want to say it.

Your words are important, but it’s your tone of voice (which includes volume, inflection, pitch and pacing) that far outweighs the actual words in relaying the deeper meaning of the message. How can that be?

Here’s an example.  You can say three words, “I need you” in various ways and they will be interpreted or understood as meaning something different. That’s only THREE words.  Say them soft and sexy; say them quickly and tersely; say them slowly with compassion; say them shouting across a noisy traffic filled street; say them in a whisper to a child.  Got it?

Think more about the different facets of your vocal delivery to convey your message and less about the words.  Kiss their ears with kindness. Move their minds with meaning.

Let that be your motive. Your audience will feel it and that’s what really count.

by George Hendley

The Speakers Academy | George Hendley Presentations


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