Listening skills lesson plans

download (3)In the era when the technology has been taking over, when texting and messaging dominate our communication skills,  when we do not have time to answer the phone call or just do not hear the phone ringing in our bags and pockets, we, as teachers should help our students  develop active listening. There are many ways, techniques and methods that it can be practiced. Listening to music, radio broadcasts or watching a good film or good series and shows. The only problem that may come up is that the students are not focused enough, interested enough or engaged enough.

Therefore, as teachers, we should try to help them become active listeners now, primarily active in listening in person. Being actively involved in listening means, as it is said in one of my earlier blogs, implies maintaining eye-contact, being aware of the body language, being focused,getting the direct feedback etc. Practicing active listening   fully prepares the students for what is ahead of them once they embark on their individual life paths.

In the drop-down menu of this page in the days to come you can expect some lesson ideas for developing speaking skills.


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