A Few Innovative Lesson Plans



Dear Colleagues,

It is a common knowledge that most of us need to follow the prescribed curriculum, which, after a period of time we often get tired of, although the majority of coursebooks are rather well supplied with the necessary material and absolutely up-to- date. Yet, there are cases that some of those coursebooks  are being used year after a year. Hence, the tiredness that we often feel when teaching one and the same thing over and over again.

Personally, I belong to those teachers, who, whenever the curriculum allows, step out of the boundaries, for the sake of children and my own. Otherwise I would end up being rusty and inadequate to myself primarily, let alone the students. That is why, occasionally, I take a look around the net and other colleagues’ ideas and experiences to  in order to get ‘flashes’  that will help me create a lecture that would break through the pattern. It is re-freshening and, above all fun.

Lesson planning is a highly creative and engaging process that can keep you in your own zone and focus, in your Element, as Sir Ken Robinson would say (‘The Element’, Viking, 2009), so that you can discover the capacities withing yourselves that you didn’t even know they exist. During this process you get the opportunity to re-discover yourselves as teachers and creative thinkers with new ideas implementing all kinds of artistic elements in only one lesson plan. Therefore, I believe that lesson planning is ART, that only teachers who love what they do, can create.

For this occasion, I have selected a few lesson plans that might be, hopefully, of use to some of you.

For additional ideas on Lesson Plans, feel free to visit my website www.nadaradenkovic.weebly.com

or here is another one

Idioms ppt flashcards with exercises and homework

I owe my greatest gratitude to a great, inspirational, innovative, enthusiastic teacher for sharing this idea with the tekhnologic and Sandy Millin. This is an all in one lesson plan. If you do not, for any reason have an access to IT equipment, you can simply print the images and worksheets and use them as good old flashcards.










My dear colleagues who teach the secondary school students,

Please forgive me for not attaching the answer slides to the above PPT. It was a deliberate intention as I believe that sometimes both teachers and students should be equally involved into the teaching/learning process. Also, if YOU can use the dictionaries, so should the students. Thus, they should gain the habit of using dictionaries as much as possible because once they finish with the formal English language learning they will find themselves in the situations when they will come across new vocabulary, with no teacher around. Teachers are NOT the students’ dictionaries. Instead, with the modern technologies and smart phones, you can direct them to use the online dictionaries on their phones. That’s what I let them do in my classes. Thus, they will be engaged during the whole class. Sorry for being too harsh………maybe! 😉 ( you call me Cruella De Ville), yet I hope you will understand my good intentions.



P.S. In the drop-down menu you will find some interesting lesson plans with a difference.


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  1. Feel free to post and share any of your ideas for the lesson plans.

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