It is a Pleasure to Present – Jelena Kvaić

Youth, beauty, intelligence combined with talent. Well, this is what you can get. Jelena Kvaić

Jelena Kvaić

Jelena Kvaić

As her English teacher I am proud to present one of my students who, due to her distinguishing personality and character, has developed a sense of deep thinking, feeling and empathy for human kind, not to mention the ability to transfer her life experience through imagination in the most vivid and detailed way, choosing the right words with care and loving attention. Still,under a great influence of the English contemporary writers her writing is permeated by the traditional English mannerism. Thus, just like a professional writer, her writing keeps you focused on the story during the ’journey’. To add just a tiny detail, she does not write in her mother tongue, which is Serbian, but English, therefore if some language errors come up, please, disregard them.Although as her teacher it should have been my duty to correct the writing, in the end, I decided not to make any alterations.

In addition,I am absolutely certain that all her former teachers, including me as her current teacher are equally proud of this young lady for what she  has written so far. Personally, I am free to predict a successful future for Jelena, as a writer. Good luck, my darling and thumbs up!!!

Jelena Kvaić, age 15,was born on November 10th 1999. in Nis, Serbia.  She finished ,,Ratko Vukicevic” elementary school and is currently attending ,,Bora Stankovic” high school, Niš. Serbia, where she has already achieved outstanding results. in all the subjects. As she is attending the maths department, where science is prevailing, she is paying equal attention to the social sciences, languages and literature. All in all she is a true scholar with interests that exceed the curriculum and the interests of  her peers..

Speaking of which, being a highly sensitive and sensual person, fully present in the time and place she is living in, she has been devoting her extra time to writing poems, stories and, believe it or not, books. She’s been expressing her imagination through words ever since she could write. It started off with short comics and even went on to a couple of light books. However, only after  her immediate encounter with nature, its riches and calmness, beauty and good vibrations,outside the city busy and hectic life on the concrete, did she get an insight into the true issues of the young people and society today.  Since then, she’s  taken writing more seriously and with  passion. “The book I am, currently, working on was inspired by a dream I had, combined with the image of a beautiful meadow I saw in the countryside.” – Jelena Kvaić.

Since the process of writing the book is still in progress, there is no title.I suppose, we will have to wait for the very end. Can hardly wait. 😀

Jelena Kvaić

Nada Radenković

Chapter 1 – The Silly Scares and Boring Birthdays

Chapter 2 – The Forgotten Kingdom

Chapter 3 – Curiosity and New Company


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