Dream Team Lesson Plan

Dream team

Dream team

Warmer 1. Tell the students that you’re not going to teach them next week and they are going to decide who will be their substitute teacher. On the board write the names of five (living) famous people known to the students. Try to include at least one footballer or sports star. Examples could be: Cristiano Ronaldo, Angelina Jolie, Homer Simpson, JK Rowling, Rafael Nadal. 2. Elicit opinions from the students about why these people would be suitable teachers or not and get students to agree and disagree with each other, giving reasons. 3. Write up some key language on the board as a prompt. For example, What/How about…?, I reckon…, You’re right, I agree, That’s true, I’m not so sure, I disagree, Yes, but…, I don’t think so, It depends.

Main activity 1. Explain to the class that they’re going to create an imaginary football team. If necessary, stress that they do not need to know much about football to do this activity; it just provides a basis for discussion and can be as silly or as serious as they want it to be. 2. Pre-teach the key vocabulary for the main activity: goalkeeper, defender, midfield, forward, captain, manager, kit. 3. Organize the students into pairs (or groups of three) and give a copy of the worksheet to each group. 4. Students follow the instructions on the worksheet, using the language practiced in the warmer.

To finish: The dream team tournament

1. Each ‘team’ (pair of students) plays against another team. The rules:

• The matches last 30 seconds.

• The teams take it in turns to throw a dice.

• The numbers on the dice determine what happens in the match (see below).

2. Depending on the size of the class/time constraints, the winning team then plays another winning team, and so on.

3. Write the following on the board (and explain any unknown vocabulary):

1 = Goal! 2 = Hit the post

3 = Own goal

4 = Goalkeeper saves your shot

5 = Red card (miss a turn)


Work in pairs. Discuss your ideas in English. 1. Choose a name for your dream football team. The team name is ____________________________________.

2. Decide who you want to play in each position. (They can be real footballers, other sports stars, actors, singers, politicians …)

Gaelic pitch

Gaelic pitch


(This image can also help you compare or expand the vocabulary)


3. Explain why you have chosen each person.

Goalkeeper: _______________________

Reason: ________________________________________________________________________

Defender 1: _______________________

Reason: ________________________________________________________________________

Defender 2: _______________________

Reason: ________________________________________________________________________

Defender 3: _______________________

Reason: ________________________________________________________________________

Defender 4: _______________________

Reason: ________________________________________________________________________

Midfield 1: _______________________

Reason: ________________________________________________________________________

Midfield 2: _______________________

Reason: ________________________________________________________________________

Midfield 3: _______________________

Reason: ________________________________________________________________________

Midfield 4: _______________________

Reason: ______________________________________________________

Forward 1: _______________________

Reason: ________________________________________________________________________

Forward 2: _______________________

Reason: ________________________________________________________________________

4. Choose which player will be the captain of the team and why. The captain of the team is _____________________________ because ______________________ ______________________________________.

5. Choose a manager for your team. The manager of the team is ___________________________ because _______________________ ______________________________________.

6. Design your team kit.

download (2)

Home and Away Kit


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  1. Naturally, you can modify the plan according to the grade and level, you are teaching, timing, number of students etc.

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