Do You Do Your Homework Properly?

images“Have you done your homework, girl?”. The teacher asked.

“No, I haven’t, Sir”. – replied the girl in the back row, scribbling something on a piece of paper.

“Why not?”- the teacher asked again.

?There was nothing to inspire me.”- she replied boldly and continued.-“I want to write about nice things, happy people,I mean truly happy who have found the life worth living. They all think it’s about money,careers and fame and moving around. It’s not. It is about the heart.There aren’t many true hearts around here.Though they may seem to have a heart, they are wrong. They are just manipulating people to get what they want, impersonating people with hearts. But they do not have a heart. Heart is something else.”

“What is a heart?”- the teacher continued, now intrigued by the girls answer.

“I do not know. I have never met one”.- the girl replied leaving the teacher confused.”Have you?” – another question followed. .

After her story, the question in particular, the teacher was not sure what to answer. Although he was a middle-aged man, married with two successful children, let’s say a man with some heart experience, he did not know the answer to the question. Do you think he had done his homework properly?

People say, who had known him rather well, that, since then, he had been looking at people in a different way,analysing them, trying to see if they have a heart, and if they have, what kind of heart it was. A true or a false one. He died years later, leaving only a piece of paper with a single sentence: “I am not sure.”

She was only 8 when this conversation took place.Now she is much older, educated, knowledgeable about many things. She can write about whatever she wants to. She has got analytical mind so it is not a problem for her to spot things and details. The only thing she has to do for her editor and the magazine she works for, is to put it all on the paper, give it a structure and fill the gapped column in a page.Oh, yes, she is old-fashioned, when it comes to writing. She loves getting stained by the ink, still scrabbling on the margins of her notebook, while she is thinking what the  story of the heart  is all about.

For a while she has been spending days at home, searching the web, reading some boring articles, looking at pictures, images that made some impression on her, yet nothing so strong to push her to grab a pen and a paper and write passionately about the most beautiful things in life. She is sensual and intuitive by nature. She could have imagined the amazing places, stories, people,events, colours in her mind. She was dreaming about it all. Nevertheless, everything was empty. She was empty. Her articles are empty, although nobody notices, thank God. She is good, though, at giving her articles a special tone that would make her story juicy and at moments flashy. But, is there a heart in her stories? No. And she is not the only one who earns her money that way. Cheaters! Cheaters cheat the readers to read the cheats.

And that’s how she lives. And, you know what, she is not alone. That’s how we all live, though we prefer not to admit it. We  prefer illusions. It’s easier to get by.

Anyway, it seems she is still looking to find a heart and to learn what it is. That’s the only homework she hasn’t done  properly.

Is there a teacher to teach her how to find a heart? A heart teacher? Anyone?

Let me know. 😉