Dear friends and colleagues,

It is my utmost pleasure, as a proofreader, a part of the team and a contributor to the Journal of the English Language for Academic and Specific Purposes, to introduce you and help you get acquainted with the international journal that covers a variety of topics, issues and ideas concerning all the aspects of the English language study.

In addition, it is my honor, on behalf of my team, to invite all the colleagues worldwide, who are interested in presenting their work, having their work published in the internationally acknowledged journal and participating in the conferences organized and hosted by our team, Faculty of Electronics, Niš and the University of Niš, to visit our website where you can find all the necessary information about the previous conferences, upcoming events, gallery and  the latest news,  including the introductory letter of welcome by our Editor-in-Chief, PhD Nadežda Stojković.


BA, Nada Radenković. ESL, EFL teacher

Nada Radenkovic

Nada Radenkovic

Please, fell free to follow the links below:

Journal website

Conference website


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