10 Top Tips for Presentations: EAP vs. BE

In Case You are Embarking on a Conference Presentations Career Cruiser.

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Under the umbrella of English for Specific Purposes you will find Business English and Academic English. In both contexts, students are asked to give presentations. Have you ever wondered if there is a difference between presentation skills for English for Academic Purposes and Business English? If you teach in both contexts, should you emphasize the same things? In this blog post you will find 10 top tips to give your students when presenting in an academic or a Business English context. Two teachers collaborate. I will give you my top 10 tips for presentation skills (EAP), and Philip Saxon will give his top 10 (BE). Will our tips overlap? Let’s see. What do we tell our students?

English for academic purposes

Often in university students give presentations about their research. This is the advice I give to students who are preparing to give a presentation in an academic context.


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One comment on “10 Top Tips for Presentations: EAP vs. BE

  1. Is it really possible to plan everything and go along with the plan. Conferences, in my opinion, are live events. It’s OK to be professional, yet trying to loosen up a bit in order to be prepared for the sudden bursts of unexpected and unplanned ‘surprises’: like power failure, unpleasant questions etc.etc. Hm?!

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