Why Writing is Important?

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    Writing is empowering, and not just because it’s fun to tap into that creative vein and be amazed by the riches there. Writing, in all its varied forms and purposes, is a complex process. It calls upon us to bring our left and right brain together to shape experience and feeling into something another person can read and understand. That need, to feel understood, to know that what one thinks or feels matters, is universal.
Many people, children in particular, view the whole process as mysterious and inaccessible.  The good news is: anyone can learn to write and every writer has their own unique process.
But there are many more ways in which writing empowers us. The writing process is rarely linear but does have distinct phases that all writers go through: planning, reflection, drafting, and revision—though not necessarily in that order! Writing can help children and adults alike to:·

  • enhance their problem solving and critical thinking.
  •  develop integration of process, content, and skills.
  • develop organizational strategies depending on the form of the writing.
  • develop the skill of inquiry ( which includes:collecting and evaluating information, comparing and contrasting, imagining situations from another perspective, building argument for a particular position or point of view, learning the importance of not only asking questions of others but of ourselves, of not only revising the information we receive but being willing to revise the questions).
  • increase decision making abilities.
  • develop a healthy skepticism which leads to exploration of ideas, an enlarged world view and a confident imagination.                                                       

Having read a variety of essays on the meaning and the purpose of writing, I have devised this short piece of text, hoping it will help my students (adults equally) develop into independent creative thinkers,individuals and “Men of Letters”, , .

Yours Sincerely,

Teacher Nada


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