Sound is a powerful vibration that carries a huge amount of our ability to connect with the

Featured imagepeople around us.  These vibrations carry a weight and we should be full of care in how we use them.  The meaning behind our words can change how people will hear them and react.

The “Seven Deadly Sins” of speaking from the Ted Video below:

“Gossip, Judging, Negativity, Complaining, Excuses, Lying, Dogmatism”

– Julian Treasure

If we step outside of ourselves and observe our speech, we notice the times where we have used one or more of these ‘sins of speech’, I know I have. With awareness and effort we all may be able to shift our speech into a powerful and positive light, so that other people around us want to hear us and connect on a deeper level.

Changing deep rooted behavior, such as how we speak and interact with people around us takes time and practice.  I know for me I will slow down and think before I speak.  I try to listen with an intent to hear and understand rather than thinking of a response.  Before we can really speak with power and meaning we must first learn to listen with love and a deep sense of care for the people speaking to us.

This is very hard because if I don’t say what I am thinking I will forget about it.  As part of learning to release my attachments in life sometimes I have to release what I thought to say so that I can really hear, feel, and understand what another person is trying to communicate with me.  Once I have all of the information from the person or people I am speaking to then I can really form a response that is out of love for them, myself and all others involved.

“4 Foundations for Speech
Hail- To Greet or acclaim enthusiastically
H- Honesty
A- Authenticity by Being yourself
I- Integrity & Truth
L- Love ”

– Julian Treasure

What you say is also how you say it.  As we are transparent, vulnerable, full of love, true to ourselves, and follow through with what we say, we will resonate more with the people around us.

Here at Spirit Science we have a saying from Ray & Jordan that says “Less words; more meaning”.  One angle of what this means is that as we slow down and really focus on what we are saying we can often find more simplified ways to get a message across that can better impact the person we are communicating with.

One of the biggest secrets to speech, connecting to others, and manifesting what we want in life is to make sure what we mean lines up with what we say.  Say what you mean and mean what you say.  It seems simple but most people hide what they really mean or want.

“I would like to have a wonderful night out.”

Clearly stating what you want, or have, or experience, helps others assist you in getting what you want.  This is easier for other than guessing or trying to read your mind.  If you notice my statement above is about having a good experience and isn’t attached to what that specifically looks like.  This is how we can better connect with others and find out what they want too so that everyone can win by having a ‘wonderful night’.

“I feel uncomfortable about that.”

There is nothing wrong with how you feel about something.  Stating the truth of how you feel can be scary at first.  I know for me it makes me feel a bit vulnerable and I sometimes get nervous about what other people think.  However when I am clear about what I am feeling then I am allowing the transparency of my feelings to be known so that I can gain awareness about why I feel what I do, and allow others the opportunity to help me either change my thinking, or change the experience to make it more enjoyable.

Just remember to say what you really think or feel, with love and awareness for the people around you, and then follow through by acting upon what you say.  This simple formula carries vibrations from thought, to word, then finally to manifestation.

“I want to be healthy.”

If you follow that statement up with actions that lead to becoming more healthy and ask questions from people in your life that show daily expertises in that area, you will more quickly manifest what you want.

Do you ever find that when you speak that no one is listening?  Julian Treasure, an expert in sound, spoke at a TED talk convention about vocal tricks and teaches us tricks to speak with empathy.  He also talks about his vision for a world where people truly listen and understand one another.


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